How to Test the Prepaid Checkout Experience

This is the last step to enable prepaid subscriptions in your store, please make sure you've completed the other steps first. In this guide, we'll go through a test order to make sure everything functions as intended.

Prepaid test purchase

The first step is to purchase an item and go through checkout. Keep in mind this will be on a live product, it will charge your payment method. After the test is complete, and you've confirmed everything is ready, you can go back in and refund yourself.

  1. Open your storefront and go through checkout with a prepaid order. Keep an eye out on the process and double-check that everything looks and acts normal - like it would with a pay-per-delivery subscription.
  2. After the purchase, if you do not already have an account, create an account to log into the Subscription Manager using the email address that was used at the time of purchase. You can create the account right from your storefront, the Subscription Manager link varies merchant-to-merchant, but will usually be under Subscriptions or Log In.
  3. Log into the Subscription Manager and verify that you can see the details shown below for your prepaid subscription.


Keep an eye out for:

  • You should see a new Prepaid tag in the Subscription Manager showing how many Prepaid shipments have been sent and how many are remaining.
  • You will also notice there is a new checkbox set to auto-renew the Prepaid plan at a specified date. Customers can easily opt-out of autorenews by unchecking the box.

Verify the order in Shopify

With the test order successful, and everything looks good in the Subscription Manager, it's time to take a look at Shopify.

  1. Log in to Shopify > Orders.
  2. Search for the tag Ordergroove Prepaid Order. You should see the test order you placed, open it up and verify that it is the same item and prepaid plan you purchased.


Verify the order in Ordergroove

The last place to verify everything looks alright is in Ordergroove. Let's double-check that the order has the proper prepaid tag for future identification.

  1. Open up your Ordergroove Admin, and go to Data > Customer.
  2. Search for the name that you used during checkout, and open up your profile. 
  3. Scroll down, and you should see a blue Prepaid Plan tag under both Orders and Subscriptions. Take a look below for an example screenshot.


Need Help?

The prepaid team is here for you during this setup process! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to if you are experiencing any issues.