How to Set a Prepaid Discount

One of the big benefits for your customers is the discount offered for prepaid subscriptions. In this guide, we'll go through how you can set that upfront discount and entice customers. This is one of the steps to add prepaid subscriptions to your store, take a look at Enabling Prepaid Subscriptions for the rest of the process.



Prepaid discount settings

Prepaid subscriptions have a different set of settings from the standard pay-per-delivery weekly or monthly subscriptions. We can set the prepaid discounts right in Ordergroove.

As a best practice, we recommend setting a prepaid discount higher than your standard pay-per-delivery discount. This incentivizes customers to purchase prepaid subscriptions instead. The discounts can vary based on business need and length of prepaid, but as an example, you might offer pay-per-delivery subscriptions at 5% off and prepaid subscriptions at 10% off. 

  1. Open up Ordergroove, and go to Subscriptions > Promotions > Create a new discount.
  2. Give your new discount a Name. Set your initial discount and recurring discount. These settings will apply to standard pay-per-delivery weekly and monthly subscriptions. If you already offer a pay-per-delivery discount on your products and want them to remain the same, enter the same discount values you already offer.
  3. Scroll down and locate the new Prepaid discount section. The total shipments will automatically populate based on your prepaid subscription settings. Set a discount amount for each frequency - the number of shipments a customer is committing to. We recommend increasing the discount for longer prepaid terms.
  4. Save to lock in your changes.

As an example, imagine that I am offering 10% off for traditional, pay-per-delivery subscriptions. In order to incentivize my customer to prepay, I choose to offer them 3 months at a 15% discount, 6 months at a 20% discount, and 12 months at a 25% discount, as seen in the screenshot below.



Need Help?

The prepaid team is here for you during this setup process! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to if you are experiencing any issues.