Understanding the Subscriptions Analytics Tab

The Subscriptions drill down in your Analytics Dashboard dives into an overview of active subscriptions. You can view total active subscriptions, subscriptions by status, and a daily breakdown.





1 - Total active subscription chart

The Total active subscription chart shows how many active subscriptions you have at a given date or over a given timeframe. This is also commonly referred to as net subscriptions because the value takes into account new subscriptions, subscriptions that have been cancelled, and subscriptions with no status change. It's calculated as:

Total active subscriptions = Existing subscriptions + New subscriptions - Cancelled subscriptions

2 - Active subscriptions by status chart

This chart displays a daily breakdown of the status of your subscriptions. 

  • New (Green): Represents newly created subscriptions.
  • Existing (Purple): Represents subscriptions that were created in a previous time period and have not yet been canceled. 
  • Cancelled (Orange): Represents a subscription that has been cancelled. 

3 - Subscription counts table

The Subscription counts table breaks out the values used in the chart above. You can download the chart as a CSV spreadsheet and sort or modify it for any follow-up calculations. Reactivated subscriptions are included as a new subscription.